Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've been tagged!

By Samantha (Mom in Guam)

"Rules"After posting these rules, each player proceeds to list 8 relatively random facts/habits about himself/herself. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, leaving them a comment on their blogs to let them know.

1. I am concerned about diabetes since it runs in my family and I am overweight. The only reason I am concerned is not because of the health issues, it's that I cannot imagine not being able to eat sugar in it's worst forms. Circus peanuts, PEZ, candy corn, I love sugar.

2. I hate our current toothpaste, but refuse to open a 2nd tube. I have over 100 tubes, but can't bring my self to have 2 tubes open at the same time.

3. I wish I liked melon. Andrew likes all forms of melon and it looks so good, but I just don't like it.

4. My childhood memories begin the night my dad left. It was the summer before I turned 6. That is the first clear memory I have, I don't remember anything about kindergarten.

5. I can only buy shoes at a special store. My feet are so wide that I have very few options and all of them are expensive. Even if I lose weight, they will still be superwide.

6. I have more name brand products in my house since I started couponing. I love knowing that we will always have food and toiletries. I will never pay for toothpaste again.

7. I am terrible when it comes to being a girl. I am completely useless when it comes to clothes and makeup. Seriously, I can't seem to find a lipstick that works, so I don't bother.

8. I love Barry Manilow. I just can't help it. When he comes on my iPod, I crank it up and sing along.

All of my blogger friends have been tagged, so I've got nobody to tag.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I learned something this weekend.

I was in the shower and I decided to use my sample salt scrub from my Oprah tote. This stuff totally rocks. One problem though, I forgot I had a couple of cuts on my legs. I remembered this fact when they started to burn.

I rubbed salt into my wounds. I am a moron.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Tonight the husband and I are going to a show. We are going to see Keane. I LOVE this band. I discovered them on Virgin Radio in March of 2004. I have been a massive fan since then, but haven't gotten out to see them. They came through in 2004 but I was 8 mos pregnant and standing around at a show was not gonna happen. Then we had an infant and were too sleep deprived to care. So this year, we are going to see them.

Things I love about Keane:
Piano driven pop
Gorgeous melodies
Tom's vocals
Word usage - Anyone who can use "dithering" in a song rocks, it's so very English

They are the perfect marriage for someone who is both an anglophile and audiophile. That is probably why I heart them so much.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bringing the funny to the internets.

This comes from a great webcomic called xkcd.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Comedy Gold, I tell ya.

I am checking out at Walgreens at 6am this morning and we (the asst. mgr. and I) hear a car horn blowing and think someone's alarm is going off. This woman comes up to the counter carrying a coffeemaker. She asks if it is her horn blowing, we tell her probably. She informs us that her dogs are in the car. We laugh and I leave.

I get into my car and look over at the dogs in question. They are 2 cute labs, big dogs. I watch them for a minute. 1 of them is sitting in the drivers seat, staring at the door to Walgreens. I then see the dog put it's paw on the horn and lean on it for like 5 seconds. Then it moves to the passenger seat and waits, staring at the door to Walgreen's the whole time. I sat there and laughed. I had assumed that the dog had accidentally hit the horn, but no the dog was using the horn to hurry it's owner along. Like "Hey, just get the stupid coffeemaker and let's go. C'mon. Silly humans!"

Friday, May 11, 2007

Major Score

I stopped at Walgreen's today on my way home. I wanted to see if they had any of the clearanced Aussie products. Here's the scoop. Walgreens is doing a deal where you buy 9 P&G products from a specific list of participating products and you get 2 coupons for $10 off your next order (so basically $20 in catalina coupons) I did this with Covergirl makeup, spent $16, got @ 2 $10 cats. The Walgreen's by my work had some Aussie products on clearance that worked. Total after using 1 of my $10 cats plus coupons was 3.64 and I got 2 more $10 cats.

Then I stopped on my way home at another store and hit the jackpot. Covergirl liquid liner on clearance for 1.49. I got 6 plus 2 blushes (free coupons for those) and a pack of Venus razors. Total after coupons was $0.37, and that is without using any of my $10 cats. The machine spit out 2 more $10 catalinas.

So my total out of pocket is $20, I earned $60 in cats and I still have $50 left to spend and the week is not over. I have 2 more stores to hit tomorrow.

But these go to 11.

The title of this post has little to do with the subject other than the number and it being funny.

11 years ago today, I got married. I had only known the guy 9 months. I had spent 3 drama filled weeks, yes I said weeks, planning a wedding during which time I also drove my car into a semi, completely totalling it and walking away with some bruises. That story is for another day.

I don't remember a ton about that day to be honest. It went by so fast. But the end result is all that matters. Eleven years ago, I got married to a fantastic guy. Sweet, funny and really smart. We have had some rough times, but on the whole we have had more good than bad. He is a fantastic father and husband. We are really very lucky. Last year for our 10th anniversary we were having some financial issues. We had originally planned to go to England for our 10th, and well that didn't happen. So he got Fish n chips for dinner and we watched The Prisoner. It was such a wonderful idea and we had a great time. He said if we couldn't go to England, he would bring England to us. If you are reading this honey, I love you.

I hope everyone out there is lucky enough to find someone great and has more sunshine than rain in their lives. Have a great day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good day / Bad day

Today is a good day, today I get paid. I return my sample deodorant to New Dimensions today and pick up my check. I think I get paid $80 (I actually don't remember the amount) for using 3 different deodorant samples for the last 3 weeks and filling out a questionnaire. So why is today also a bad day?

Today is the last time I return a sample unless I get into a quickie study. As of June 1st there will be no new studies because Unilever is closing the facility. Who is going to pay me to wash my hair or put on deodorant? Who is going to give me coupons for free stuff for smelling things and telling them what I liked? Who is going to give me $40 to circle flyaway and frizz on pictures of hair? (Seriously, that was some of the easiest money ever) I will really miss that place.

Now to find a new revenue stream to replace it. Hmmmmm.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Great Escape

We recently added 2 new members to our family. Their names are Romeo & Juliet (Mo and Julie) and they came to via The Princess. Turns out everyones favorite Moose is allergic. It took some time, but I talked Justin into it and we took them in. I couldn't imagine giving up Felix and if I had to I would want to know where he was going. This is why I wanted to take them. Everyone is getting along pretty well. There is still some agression occasionally, but for the most part it is working out. We have learned that they are total attention whores and love to be near us. I also learned something new this weekend. We have to watch out to keep Mo from escaping. Here is how it went down.

I am asleep, it is 2am Sat night/Sun Morning. Justin wakes me up to ask me where a flashlight is. I am really asleep, so it takes a couple of tries. Justin tells me that he was going outside for a smoke before going to bed and noticed that the back door was open. He stepped out onto the porch, turned on the light and saw Mo sitting on the edge of the porch. It is supposed to be screen in, but the last tenants destroyed it. So, Justin calls to Mo and Mo bolts around the side of the house. This is when he came for me and a flashlight. So I get him one and he heads out into the dark to look for the cat. Here I should add that Mo and Julie are both 4 paw declawed and we have a lot of feral cats in our neighborhood. So we are totally worried. I grab a can of cat treats and shake them in the time honored tradition of finding cats. Out pops Mo from under our patio furniture. I grab him, yell for Justin. We are totally relieved of course. Justin comes near Mo and Mo starts shaking. The only thing we can figure is that Justin scared Mo when he came out on the porch because Justin has become fond of the new kitties and pays them lots of attention.

Thank God cats love that "shakin sound"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

So excited!1!

There are reports that people are starting to receive their Oprah totes! I was one of the first 5000 and got an email saying I would be getting one. It is a tote bag full of freebies and samples and stuff. Everyone who has gotten one in the past says they rock. I can't wait for Justin to be home from school so I can call and see if my tote has arrived. This totally makes up for the CVS tote being out of stock everywhere.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This made me smile

This comes courtesy of a favorite web comic xkcd. I especially like the "Here there be anthropomorphic dragons"

Man it bugs me.

When I hear that people use "Every Breath You Take" by the Police as a wedding song, it makes me stabby. Seriously. This is not a love song, at least it's not about the kind of love I want. Listen to the lyrics people. It is about stalking.