Monday, August 13, 2007


My dad and stepmom were in town last week. They came up from Florida to bring my grandmother's ashes back to Wisconsin and to have a memorial service up here. My grandmother passed away in July. She was 94, lived a great life and was one hell of a lady. I will always have fond memories of her and not just because she could take her teeth out. (When I was little I thought she was the coolest because she could. I begged my mom to take her's out too.)

While they were in town, I used my 3 bereavement days and took Andrew to my Aunt Bea's house where they were staying. My stepmom cannot get enough of Andrew and decided that he was ready for potty training. We were planning on concentrating on potty training during Justin's break from school. Nana took him to the bathroom constantly and now he is almost potty trained. He still has a little trouble telling us in time, but if we take him frequently, his diaper stays dry. He even pooped in the potty for Nana. He was rewarded with an ice cream for that. I am glad to have him using the potty and really glad that Nana could be a big part of a milestone, since they are so far away.

If I sound unhappy, it might be because I had just stocked up on diapers. I have 3 packs of Huggies diapers and 6 packs of PullUps. Now to find someone who can use a sweet deal on size 5's.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are you ready to rock, St Louis?

Today Andrew got his first guitar. It looks big, but it is a smaller guitar made for kids (although it is for kids older than Andrew) The guitar comes to us via Andrew's Uncle Cooper. So now Andrew has his own guitar to use when rocking out with Daddy. Bonus: the guitar is red like Murray's. (For those of you not in the know, Murray is the red Wiggle and he plays the guitar)

Andrew also got a shaker at the music store the other day. He really likes the music store and when he and Justin were leaving he said, "Bye Rock n Roll!" Yep, he is his father's son.