Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A little background first. I belong to a website called Bzzagent. You sign up to try new products and tell people about them. Word of Mouth advertising or Buzz type of stuff. So far, I have been in a few campaigns, nothing spectacular but still kind of cool. I am in a KMart campaign because I live close enough to Rockford to qualify. They redesigned the stores in Rockford and are doing a campaign. I have to visit the in-laws, so I signed up for the campaign and they sent me a $10 gift card. So far this is the coolest thing I have gotten from the site until now.

My campaign package hasn't arrived yet, so I won't totally believe it until I see it, but I got into the new Sonicare campaign. According to the campaign materials, I will be getting this. Apparently, it retails for $179.00. I am totally excited, because as you all know, there is no way I would ever spend that on a toothbrush unless there was a gun to my head. (And even then it would be hard.)

Hopefully it will come soon and I can rave about how well it works. It had better be amazing for that kind of price tag.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The rundown

So, things have been crazy for the last 2 months. At the end of August we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the Illinois Railway museum. We did this last year and Andrew loved it. This year he is really into Thomas, so we thought he would enjoy seeing all of the trains more this time. Actually, he really just wanted to sit inside of LEGO Thomas all day. When we tried to leave to go for our ride on Thomas, he sat down in the middle of the path and cried. I took a picture of it. He had to spend a timeout sitting on a haybale because he would not listen. He did enjoy riding on Thomas and he really loved LEGO Thomas. It wasn't a bad trip. He is just going through a stage where he is testing us.

The second weekend in September, we had a garage sale at my mom's house. All of my stuff sold incredibly fast. I brought out well over 100 bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It was all gone by Friday afternoon. It was seriously crazy. I went back home Friday night to get more stuff for Saturday. All in all, I made $900. It was a really good day.

The next weekend, I started back at Kuipers Family Farm. I work there every weekend September 15 - October 31. I generally take 2 days off during that time. This year my first day off was to attend a first birthday party for Felicia's son. That was a blast. Andrew barely left the bouncy house all day. The second was to take Andrew to the pumpkin farm to run around and play. This year, the weather was perfect and we had a blast. Last year, the day I picked was so cold and miserable that we just bought a pumpkin and left.

Now I have my weekends back, but with impending holidays I feel like I am being shot out of a cannon. One of our office employees at work retired this month, so I have additional responsibilities there. I am trying to go through my stockpile and make a list of things to sell off. I am reaching critical mass on dish soap. Trying to get my house back in order and trying to decide what we are doing for Andrew's birthday this year. I think the theme will be Thomas, but sometimes he insists he wants a Doctor Who party. (although, he says it more like "Docca Who")

I turned 33 in October or as I have coined it, started my Christ year. This is due to my husband telling a friend of ours who was considering giving up being in a band to give it until he was 33, because that was when Jesus did his best work. For my present, we decided to order Doctor Who series 1 and 2. The season sets for the new Doctor Who series on BBC. I caught a few episodes of it a few months back and now we are totally hooked. We are working our way back through the classic stuff too. Bonus, the current Doctor is totally hot. (and he is Scottish. His normal speaking voice is lush.)

Basically, I have been working a lot and trying to keep up with my couponing and my family. That is why my posting has been non existent. I will try to remember that my adoring public requires me to post. I will try to get some pictures up of Andrew and of my cereal stash.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Okay, okay already.

Yeah, I am a big slacker. I know.

But in my defense I was working 7 days a week for half of September and all of October. That and everything else in my life left me little time for blogging. I will post more over the weekend, but until then enjoy Spandau Ballet's "Gold". I heard this today on Virgin Radio and remembered how awesome it is.