Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A little background first. I belong to a website called Bzzagent. You sign up to try new products and tell people about them. Word of Mouth advertising or Buzz type of stuff. So far, I have been in a few campaigns, nothing spectacular but still kind of cool. I am in a KMart campaign because I live close enough to Rockford to qualify. They redesigned the stores in Rockford and are doing a campaign. I have to visit the in-laws, so I signed up for the campaign and they sent me a $10 gift card. So far this is the coolest thing I have gotten from the site until now.

My campaign package hasn't arrived yet, so I won't totally believe it until I see it, but I got into the new Sonicare campaign. According to the campaign materials, I will be getting this. Apparently, it retails for $179.00. I am totally excited, because as you all know, there is no way I would ever spend that on a toothbrush unless there was a gun to my head. (And even then it would be hard.)

Hopefully it will come soon and I can rave about how well it works. It had better be amazing for that kind of price tag.


Lisa said...

woohoo!!!! I got in too, thanks to your quick thinking. I can't wait for this to arrive, I want it now!!! lol.

Felicia said...

Ooh, I hope you really like it. I couldn't live without my electric tooferbrush. I love feeling dentist-clean every day.