Friday, March 21, 2008

I walk the line.

A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday titled "Things to Remember". One of these things was there is a fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness". Well my friends, I am attaching pictures of where that line just might occur. What do you think?

This is in my dining room. I think it adds some color to the room, like edible artwork.

Another view.

This is in my bedroom. That is where I have temporarily placed the "overflow" It is pretty much all varieties of Total.

So where do I fall? I would lean towards mental illness if I didn't know that I either paid just tax or made money buying this stuff. Although, looking at it, I realize I should have bought more Wheaties. I did leave a space for an additional 7 boxes of Rice Krispies with Strawberries. I am still debating on the Special K. I would have to pay $0.50 + tax for every 7 boxes. I would turn a profit with the mail in rebate, but is still entails "paying" for cereal. So, now you can see what I have been up to lately. Come by, visit, bring a spoon!


Lisa said...

WOW!!!!! I wanna come to your house. I love cereal. Can I have it without milk, please????

Felicia said...

Cinnamon life. You need cinnamon life. It's my most favorite ever. Have you tried the fruity cheerios yet? they're fantastic.

Coupon Chris said...

The Fruity Cheerios do rock. Have you had the Multigrain Cheerios? Those are my favorite, they are lightly sweetened and soooo good. I had good coupons for them.

I will remember about the Cinnamon Life, if Quaker cereals go super cheap we will load up. Justin loves the Original recipie Life, so that's what I got.

Lisa, you and Andrew can eat the cereal dry, although he likes to drink his milk.

With the price of wheat shooting up, I am going to stockpile cereal every chance I get. It is easy to sell off and I think that I am going to see a little more business with the economy going the way it is.

Kat said...

Yep..I am coming over. We NEED cereal. I have slacked off on couponing for the seems to be getting in the way and I hate to drive to Geneva when I don't have too. Gas prices are TERRIBLE!!! Maybe this summer I will get back on the band wagon, but for now Walgreens is enough for me.

The Mama said...

Oh my lord that is a lot of cereal!!! Awesome Chris. You are my inspiration.