Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yeah, Yeah....I know.

I have been a bad blogger. In my defense things have been crazy.

I am a marked woman. I was outside my mom's house last night, when a car drives by, backs up and yells, "Garage sale?" I answer tomorrow. 8 am. They have seen my car at my mom's house in the middle of winter and stopped to ask if I have any of the stuff I sold at my garage sales and if they could buy some. People leave notes on my mom's door saying they want to buy 15 boxes of Fiber One bars and to call them. It is totally crazy. I am not far from the joke that Felicia came up with. "Yo man, you got the Duncan Hines?" Like a drug dealer only with food and beauty products. It is my hobby and has totally changed the way I do things, but sometimes it is a JOB. So lets get some bragging on my hobby out of the way.

The kind folks at Glade, Coca Cola and P&G have been kind enough to sponsor my family for Christmas. By this, I mean that the deals on these products have been so lucrative that I am turning coupon money into gift cards and presents. I currently have $115 in Meijer gift cards and $100 in on your next shopping order coupons that I can use on anything in the store (including more gift cards). I have $193.50 in on your next shopping order coupons for Jewel and that is still climbing. Not to mention that I will restock my wall of cereal for pennies with the current General Mills deal. To say this is the deal of the year is an understatement.

That takes care of the couponing portion of this post. I am not sure how many people are actually interested in it, but I like to throw it out there.

Andrew is a boy, when did that happen? He was just a baby yesterday. He is getting bigger and smarter with everyday. He is loving and sweet. He really is a joy to parent. We are working on teaching him to read. He can spell his name and loves the Ramones. What more could a mom want?

Justin joined a band. It is nice for him to have something outside of the house that involves grown ups.

Work has been stressful and really busy. Hence, I am not working at the pumpkin farm this year. Plus Andrew is now old enough to emotionally destroy me when in the morning he tells me he doesn't want me to go to work because he misses me. So I need my weekends to spend extra time with him.

That is about it. Hopefully, I will be better about posting in the future if anyone still actually reads this.

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The Mama said...

Oh My God, a post!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome about the coupons and all that. It amazes me, really.

Glad you all are doing so well, sounds like you have your hands full and are having fun, just as life should be!!!