Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New friends and new hobbies.

Okay, so my new friend isn't exactly new, but Monday was the first time we met in person. We have been corresponding via email for a while, since we traded coupons a few months ago. We have been talking about getting together after the holidays for the past few weeks and we finally did. We got together to enjoy our new favorite hobby.......Dumpster Diving for coupons.

Okay, now do you have a good image of me in your head? For those of you who haven't seen me in a while, I am how shall we put it, a big girl. I am not small, even though I am short. I am working on that, but that is for another place entirely. So, think Oompa Loompa but less orange and more round. Got it, good.

Now, picture me next to a recycling dumpster that is almost as tall as I am. Now picture me standing on a plastic recycling bin, one foot wedged into a hole in the side that is there so the trucks can lift and dump it, and hauling myself into the dumpster. Getting out of the dumpster was another challenge because we did not think to bring the recycling bin into the dumpster. To get out, we piled a bunch of papers in the corner and I stood on them. They then collapsed so I am hanging onto the side of the dumpster while my feet slide out from under me. We make a new pile and I use it and a spot on the dumpster to kind of boost myself onto the lip of the dumpster. I get out and use a clever system (plastic bag w/ one end tied to a snow shovel and the other to the recycling bin) to send the recycling bin in for my pal so she has a slightly easier time and we can get the recycling bin back when she is out.

We sorted through the newpapers for coupon inserts and got quite a few. This is so cool because I hate buying a ton of papers. For those of you who don't know, this past Sunday was the biggest coupon insert weekend of the year. Over 250 coupons and some of them are really good ones. Since it was a newpaper recycling bin only, it's really clean inside. It was pretty empty so going through everything was pretty easy. We had a blast and plan to go again tomorrow. Hopefully the dumpster will have filled up. I will be bringing my papers with to recycle there and my stepladder to make getting in easier.

Wish us luck!


Kat said...

Sounds like fun!! Too bad I have to work...I would love some more coupons! lol


Chris said...

You want to go check out the recycling dumpsters in town this weekend? Let me know. Another way to score more inserts is to go for a walk when people's recycling bins are out. I don't do that much, because I don't want people to think I am trying to steal their identities.

I need to find someone at a gas station or something that will let me take the leftovers. They just throw them away. It's really quite sad. I would recycle them for them.

The Mama said...

Oh my.... the picture in my head of you inside a dumpster....!

It does sound like fun though, as long as the truck that picks them up doesn't come along and scoop it up with you inside!

Chris said...

It was pretty empty, so that wasn't a worry. We were wondering what someone would think if they threw in their papers and the dumpster said "Ow".

lisajo5 said...

Hearing you talk about it and then reading about it, I am in tears. I love that you are going dumpster diving and after my day today, keep up the entertainment.

ekoukla said...

Yes, we managed to score several inserts and test our flexibility as well as strength. I was quite hesitant to jump in, but you made it look easy! Your energy for deals is amazing!! It was fun hanging out with you.


Stepford On Wisteria said...

Oh dear lord, Christine.

It's intervention time.