Friday, January 05, 2007

I heart Target.

Tonight I had fun cleaning out the Target clearance. The Target on my way home from work finally went to 90% off. WoooHooo!!!! The big deal about this is that I have been waiting for this particular store to drop. They have a ton of air freshener products in the regular area that are part of the Christmas clearance. I have especially been waiting for the Airwick Freshmatic refills. They are regularly 3.74. That is entirely too expensive for me. So, I want to stock up if I can while they are cheap. So here is what I bought today:

6 Airwick Freshmatic Refills in Harvest Spice (0.37/ea)
3 Airwick Decospheres in Harvest Spice (0.28/ea)
2 Airwick Scented Oil Refill 2 pk in Harvest spice (0.39/ea)
1 Glade Scented Oil Fan in Apple Cinnamon (0.66/ea)
1 Glade Scented Oil refill 2 pk in Glistening Snow (0.46/ea)
3 Glade Scented Oil 4oz Candles in Apple Cinnamon and French Vanilla (0.27/ea)
4 Febreeze Noticeables in Vanillas (0.79/ea)
5 Night Before Christmas board books (0.10/ea)
1 Bag of Assorted Gift Bows (0.49)
1 Lionel Richie Sounds of the Season CD (0.69/ea)
1 John Legend Sounds of the Season CD (0.69/ea)
1 Stocking Holder (0.99)
1 2pk of Gift boxes (0.19/ea)

Used 1 $1 off Febreeze Noticeables coupon and 1 $5 gift card
Total oop: $7.38

Looks like we will be smelling of Harvest Spice for a while.


lisajo5 said...

You rock. I know I have told you already, but Harvest Spice is truly my favorite scent, not sure why but I love it. No deals around here like that, I have looked and every place is cleaned out.

Chris said...

I found 8 more singles in the Harvest Spice tonight. So after my $1 off 2 coupons, they were -1.76. I love Target and their overage. I am going to check out the Target by work. I would love to snag some more Decospheres. Those are the best deal at -1.22 ea after coupon. I also hope to get more of the Apple Cinnamon Scented Oil candles at CVS tomorrow, unless someone else figured out that they are holiday and ring up like it.

I am meeting my coupon pal tomorrow and we are going out dumpster diving. Woo Hoo!