Friday, December 28, 2007

By the numbers.


I have a 3 year old. When did this happen? Wasn't he a baby just last year? Time goes by so fast. It is so amazing when they start to become little people. We are having issues with potty training, he just doesn't want to use the potty all the time and getting him to poop in it, seems like the impossible dream. It will work out. He is just trying to assert some form of control.


The number of 3 Muskateers Mint bars I bought last weekend. If I can find them tomorrow, I may buy more. You may think that I am the mayor of crazytown based on that, but I now have $59 to spend at the grocery store and $50 of that is pure profit. It makes sense, even if it is crazy. Oh, I should add that I bought about 100 more of these prior to last weekend, so my overall total is over 300. Bet you can guess what everyone got for the holiday season.


The minimum number of additional containers of baby wipes that I have to purchase between now and 1/10/08. Difficulty: I can only buy in groups of 2 per transaction. I will probably buy more than that, but that is the minimum that I plan to pick up.


The total dollars made the last time I distributed my list. I sell off some of my excess to my co-workers for cheap. I do this at least monthly, but plan to try for a biweekly plan in the new year. I have a vacation to afford.


Missed toll on my way out to visit Felicia. I was told that I need to get an I Pass. I want to get one, but in this case, my tinfoil hat comes into play. I just don't like the idea that the government knows where I go. Not that I go anywhere interesting or have anything to hide. It just creeps me out a little. I will get one soon, but the tinfoil is still stuck on my hair so be patient.


Felicia said...

Big Brother already knows what you're buying/where you're buying it each time you use your debit card. May as well let them know what road you're taking to the store too. :)

Coupon Chris said...

I see what you did there.

You have a point, although a lot of the time I pay with cash, actually spare change.

I will be getting an iPass in the new year.