Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Collapsing like a flan in a cupboard.

It is finally over. The crazy mad dash of December, this year made worse by the addition of a new sport we call CVSing. Okay, so lets get this going with Andrew's birthday.

He turned 2 and we had a party. Everyone was packed into our apartment and we have realized that our apartment is not as big as we thought. Everything went well, the kids all played together with only one minor injury. I got to see friends and family and Andrew got tons of stuff. Like he really needs more stuff, he is not lacking for anything. He got a lot of books this year which is what I told anyone who asked me to get. He has tons of toys and with a birthday so close to Christmas, the toy glut is truly insane. He did get THE Tickle Me Elmo and I admit it is super cute. He actually opened presents this year and ran around screaming all day. He seemed to enjoy himself. I as usual obsessed about the amount of food and the fact that I ran out of Italian beef. I get a little whacked when entertaining, I just want everyone to have a great time.

We went to the mall to see Santa. Andrew was very good, no crying. He is a pretty flexible kid and since he spends most of his time with Daddy, he is not afraid of men with beards. After Santa, we had "peepa" (pizza) for dinner and on the way out, he got to ride Scoop. All in all, it was a nice time.

Christmas was the usual running around. The 23rd we went to Justin's grandmother's house. No real present opening there, just a nice evening spent with family. Then Christmas Eve was at my in-laws. We had some awesome prime rib for dinner and the boys seemed to really enjoy their presents. Then it was home and my mom came over to spend the night so she could be there early Christmas morning. The amount of stuff under the tree for Andrew was insane, and most of it was not purchased by me. We will be going through all of his toys soon because there is just not enough room in our house. He got a Power Wheels 4 wheeler from my Mom that he adores, except that he won't ride it without his helmet. That is a good thing, except that the helmet my mom got him is too small. So he puts it on and gets on the bike. Then he hits the button, goes a foot and the helmet falls off. He gets off, puts the helmet back on and tries again. It is pretty funny to watch. He also loves his Thomas pop up tent. This was a great Christmas, it really is a lot of fun when you have kids.

Now that it is all over, it seems my body is in the process of mutiny. I have pushed myself to the limit this holiday and it seems I am paying for it. It is either my IBS acting up badly or perhaps my appendix. I have taken a large dose of fiber, so we will see. Anyone out there missing their appendix and want to share? I will keep you posted.


samantha said...

Not missing my appendix--thankfully!! Hope you get to feeling better!! Glad you had a great Christmas---I understand about the toys--my boys have a ton and their birthdays are in October and November so we clean the toy room out like 2 or 3 times during those months!! But I must admit they do play with all of them so at least it's not wasted money on anyone's part!! Happy New Year!!!

The Mama said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Andrew is so cute!