Friday, December 29, 2006

Chapped lips won't be a concern this winter.

I did something tonight that might seem crazy, but was actually an act of goodwill. I purchased 28 CVS brand Chapsticks. Yes, you read that right, 28. This is in addition to the 8 or so I have bought throughout the month. Now, you might be wondering how on earth this amounts to goodwill. Well, lemme explain.

Apparently my usual CVS store in Geneva is having a little contest to see who can sell the most CVS Chapsticks in December. Shannon is one of the nicest cashiers and never gives me any problems with coupons. This is a big deal because I use a LOT of coupons. Last Friday when she was ringing me up, I added 3 CVS Chapsticks to my order. This is what I have been getting when I need an additional item to bring either my subtotal or my item count up so I can use all of my coupons and ECBs. She was so happy that I bought 3. So I asked if they were having a contest and she said they were, but she was losing badly to another cashier. When I stopped in on Saturday, I found out from the Beauty Coordinator that only 2 cashiers were really competing and how it was funny that Shannon was losing because she really wants to win. Apparently she was behind by something like 30 and nobody thought she could catch up. So, I decided to be nice and blow 20 ECBs and a few coupons to help her catch up and at least have a chance. So tonight I purchased 28 of them. She was so excited and said I was her favorite customer ever. I figure it was worth the 20 ECBs because I appreciate good service. I only paid 0.73 in cash, so it's not like I am out real money.

So, don't be surprised when the Chapstick Fairy sends you a present.

I also had a rather good time shopping at Bath and Body Works. I got sucked into buying a cheesy denim tote because it came with coupons. It was only $5 with a $25 purchase. Well, I had a $25 gift card and they were having a shower gel sale. I got 3 regular shower gels, 1 CO Bigelow Body Cleanser (Lavender scent, smells awesome) 3 of the hand soap pumps, 1 2oz preview lotion in the new Midnight Pomengranate (smells great), and the denim tote w/ the coupons. Total was $33, so I only spent 8 oop. The coupons are mostly for free products in the coming year and some of them have no minimum purchase. The regular shower gels were on sale for $3 instead of 9.50 so that was a total score for me.

Target was good to me. They had some of the Glade scented oil candles (the ones with the holder that are usually 6.99) on holiday clearance for 2.49 and I had $3 off coupons. So I took the 3 they had. I love it when things cost me in negative amounts. You can get overage at Target as long as you have something to cover it. Meaning your total never goes negative. I got 2 of the Glade 4 oz candles in pumpkin pie, on sale for 1.39 and I had $1 off coupons. I got 2 turtleneck onesies for Andrew on clearance for 1.88/ea. So all told for the 5 candles and the 2 onesies I paid $4.03. Total savings of around $32.50 based on the original prices, or $11 off the sale prices.

I think it was a good day for me.


lisajo5 said...

You did awesome. Good for you in helping out the contest. I love the bbw sale you got, I miss living closer to the mall to get the good deals.

Kat said...

Ooh, ooh....I got a febreeze scentstories starter kit for $5 at Walmart w/ my coupon, tons of B&B works stuff (I am a sucker for smelly stuff :) ), and somre really good after Christmas deals! Tomorrow is CVS time!!! They have some good sales and with coupons that expire tomorrow or ones that are coming out tomorrow it will be a great time! Hope you have a wonderful new year!!

The Mama said...

That was so nice of you to help out the cashier. Good idea though, it will probably benefit you in the long run when she keeps helping you out with those coupons!!