Friday, December 08, 2006

Such a busy time of year.

Wow, I feel like the 2 weeks have just flown by. I feel like I am walking around in a fog some days. Trying to keep all of the current deals straight in addition to planning Andrew's 2nd birthday party and Christmas is proving a bit of a challenge. I think that Jewel, Meijer and CVS have formed an alliance bent on my destruction. What is a girl to do when the deals are just so great? She orders a ton of coupons and starts the Great Potato and Charmin Freshmates campaign. That's what.

CVS is doing some decent deals, including one that is working for diapers. So total score there. If anyone out there would like some Cover Girl Advanced Raidiance Foundation in Ivory, let me know. I have 4 and will probably never use it.

At Meijer, I am currently getting microwavable pouches of Betty Crocker potatoes for $2.65 for 15 pouches and I get a coupon for a $10 gift certificate, redeemable next week. So, using the $20 gift card I had been saving, I am buying lots of potatoes. (I goofed my coupon order and over ordered). I will probably have 78 pouches of potatoes, 1 box of Bisquick, 4 bags of Chex Mix and 7 Jenos pizza. I will have spent $33.36 (20 of that on a gift card, not from checking) and I will redeem $60 worth of gift cards next week. Woo Hoo!

Jewel is running the catalina deal again. Charmin freshmates (grown up wipes) are on sale for 2/$4, I have $1 off coupons for these and I get a $10 off my next order coupon when I purchase 5. So, I spend $5 on the first batch and after that I will buy 5 Freshmates and $5 worth of groceries, use my $10 off coupon and keep repeating until I run out. I ordered 55 coupons by the way. Did I mention that? Those cost me about $5. I think this will return a tidy little profit. I will buy Dawn and Puffs tissues when I run out of Charmin coupons. I have until the 17th, so watch out.

Speaking of Dawn, it would have come in handy if the commercial with the penguin in it is to be believed. We discovered a couple of interesting things this week.
We discovered that even after a bath, Vicks will remain in the hair. It may not smell, but it is still there.
We discovered that Andrew can unscrew caps.
We learned that he is clever and knows when he is in trouble. It is cute to hear him say "Sorry Daddy"

Our wonderful little boy took his little chair, dragged it over to his changing table, climbed up on the chair, opened the drawer, got the Vicks out, unscrewed the cap, smeared it all over the changing table, his chair and himself. Then he goes into the living room and climbs onto the couch next to Daddy. Daddy asks him why he smells like Vicks and goes into Andrew's room to investigate. He is nearly knocked unconscious by the overwhelming smell of eucalyptus. Needless to say, everyone had clear sinuses and a headache that day. When Justin asked Andrew "what did you do?" Andrew replied "Sorry Daddy". Boy gets a bath, Vicks gets cleaned up, which is harder than it looks. He is definitely a determined young man, it was quite a string of tasks for a 2 yr old to perform. Justin called me at work to tell me about it and I just could not stop laughing. I ended up washing his hair with dish soap to get all the grease out. Good Times!

Andrew's party is coming up and I have no idea how I am going to get everything done, but I will manage it somehow. Still have Christmas cards to do, still don't have a tree. Can't find the Christmas boxes. I think most of this will get done this weekend. Hopefully. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

I swear you get the best deals. I truly wish I lived closer, then I could see the little one more often. I loved the Vicks story, Bobby did something similar, but with A&D ointment, the white and the clear. Gotta love the "sorry daddy". too cute.

samantha said...

That's so funny!! Why do they always pick the messiest things to get into and you just can't get mad at them they're too cute--esp. Andrew!!

Chris said...

You are totally right, Sam. They always pick the messiest stuff. It's like they know what is going to be the worst thing to clean up. Sometimes, you want to discipline them, but you can't help laughing. They don't know that they are doing something bad. He is just so sweet sometimes.

The Mama said...

I can just smell the Vicks in the air!!

Too funny. And you're right, sometimes all you can do is laugh. Toddler curiosity teamed with toddler intellegence can make for some seriously messy situations!