Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dude seriously, I need to start eating breakfast.

I have entirely too much cereal after today. Here is the lowdown.

Friday night @ Jewel
8 boxes (16 oz) of MultiGrain Cheerios
Total spent - $2.20 (that is 0.25/box + tax)

Today @ Jewel
6 boxes (18 oz) Oatmeal Crisp - Maple Brown Sugar
2 boxes of Hamburger Helper Singles
0.84# of green grapes
2.47# of bananas
5 single serve bags of Pringles Minis (these are nice when you want to eat the whole bag of chips)
Total spent - $0.92

It's a good thing we really like the MultiGrain Cheerios. I have no idea what to do with the Oatmeal Crisp, I will probably put it on the list or donate it. I only brought 5 boxes home though. I gave one to my favorite cashier.

Got milk?


Greenmomma said...

*grabs carton of silk*

Sorry Roger. You tiger now! said...

Oh, also - be careful about the grapes. Never buy grapes from CHILE. They use pesticides there that are illegal to use in the US. If you do buy Chilean grapes, pull them all off the stems and then give them a really good bath in water and a squirt of soap before eating them. Rinse them off in a colander & they should be OK.

The Mama said...

Oh good grief, I did not know that about grapes from Chile. I always wash my produce really well anyway, but geesh......grapes are one of those things that I just can't seem to find organic and of course the kids love them.

Hummmmmm, may have to avoid them til I find an oranic source.

Coupon Chris said...

Just watch out and don't buy ANY produce from Chile. The domestic grapes are better, but an organic source wouldn't hurt. I have not had any luck finding organic grapes.

Coupon Chris said...

I should add that I really wanted strawberries and they were on sale, but I couldn't buy them because they weren't organic. That list of produce and pesticide levels had messed with me. So, I bought bananas because they are safer than the strawberries. I ought to mention that my Jewel in DeKalb has the worst organic selection of stuff period. Produce, canned goods, cereal. They had the Cascadian Farms blinkie coupons out and they don't even stock any of the cereal. Nothing. Most Jewel stores have an aisle of half an aisle for organic stuff, my Jewel has almost nothing.

Sorry Roger. You tiger now! said...

Ha ha. Now I have ruined you with my evil list of dangerous produce. :)