Saturday, March 31, 2007

Laundry day gone bad.

I should use the term "Laundrypalooza", as a friend of mine calls it. I was thinking of calling it Laundrystock, because like Woodstock 99, there were some problems. Let's start the day.

My mom came out to visit and to accompany me to the laundromat to try and tackle my laundry issues. Since we moved upstairs the laundry situation has improved, but there is a backlog. My building has 4 apartments and one washer and dryer. The dryer is around the back of the building. To get there when we lived in the basement, you had to haul everything up the stairs, out the door, down the steps, around the building and back down the steps into the basement area where the laundry facilities are. This basement area is not accesible from the basement apartment. I also had new tenants open my door and bring their laundry in thinking my apartment was where the laundry was. So, we got in the habit of only doing what laundry was neccesary, so a stockpile grew. So today was the day I took everything out and washed it and my mom offered to help me.

So we are at the laundromat doing my 17 loads of laundry (the washers were not very big there). We are folding dry stuff when we hear a crash and look up to see that someone has hit my mom's car. The car crossed the street and hit my mom's car in the driver side door. We call the police. They arrive and we find out that neither of the people in the car have valid driver's licenses, only the passenger has an insurance card and it is expired, the car belongs to a relative and the girl who was driving has warrants out for her arrest. Needless to say, my mom is pissed. The cops cuff the driver and put her in the car. We are asked by the cop if they went anywhere to drop something after the accident and before the arrival of the cops. I didn't think about it then, but the passenger went inside the laundromat and used the bathroom. I thought he went to use the phone, I didn't realize there was a bathroom in there. So, they may have gotten rid of something. Who knows?

I have to say this was the most exciting trip to the laundromat I have ever had.


lisajo5 said...

your poor mom, she needs a beater to visit you. Too bad you aren't going to be on an episode of Cops since that is what it sounded like.

Keep up on your laundry, it's not fun when you have to do 17 loads at once.

The Mama said...

Wow, exciting! Your own little live COPS show!

Is your moms car ok?

Mrs. Powers if you're nasty said...

Oh holy crap! HE FLUSHED IT! Argh...what a mess. I am just glad that you & your mom weren't IN the car at the time of the crash. Cars can be replaced, people can't.

I personally would go with Laundrygate for this little fiasco. ;) Laundrypalooza is a GOOD time that ends with happy people having lots of clean clothes.

Coupon Chris said...

They hit it pretty hard. Creased her driver's side door and hit in just the right spot to dammage both the door and the front quarter panel. The car is drivable, but she is pissed. I am glad we were not in the car too. We heard the crash and knew it was her car that was hit.

I like Laundrygate. Although, I do have tons of clean clothes and that makes me happy.

samantha said...

Too funny that someone actually thought your place was the laundry room!!!

Glad you guys weren't in the car---crazy people!!