Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In the interest of sharing.

I thought I would share with you that my drag queen name would be Jackie Hale.

I envision some sort of Navy theme, with a cute sailor hat.

(Take the name of your first pet for your first name and the first street you lived on as the last name. Yeah I know the formula is the same or similar for other "names)


The Mama said...

Holly Colfax

I can live with that!

Lisa said...

Sweetie Main, not the greatest, but not the worst.

Felicia said...

Pepper Waverly.

Can chicks be drag queens though?

samantha said...

Mac Lincoln---not too bad!!

Coupon Chris said...

Well, I guess chicks could be drag kings by dressing up like guys. I just thought it was fun to get a drag name. Franklin posted to his blog about drag and everyone posted their's in the comments. Some of them were really funny.