Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Recurring trends and not having CPS called on me.

Will CPS take my child away if I duct tape him to his bed? This was a question that popped into my head last night. My child finally fell asleep in his bed at 11:00 pm. He goes to bed at 8:00 pm. 3 hours of having to go in and tell him to stop playing and get back into bed. I was seriously contemplating busting out the duct tape. Tonight he actually went to sleep quickly with no getting out of bed. All I can think is "Thank ya Jesus" (this being said like a faith healer) This week has been full of fun with children, let's recap shall we.

Sunday we took down the crib and now Andrew gets to sleep in his big boy bed. He was angry because he doesn't want his bed to be a bed. His toddler bed is a choo choo train and he wants it to be a train for playing on. Sunday afternoon nap was a lot of him getting up and playing. Sunday night we were out at a friend's house and he got to run around catching lighning bugs, so he passed out in the car and never woke up when we put him to bed.

Monday was a trip. I got home from work and asked where Andrew was. I was told by Justin that Andrew had been sent to his room until I got home. I inquired why and was told he locked Justin out of the house. Here's that story. Justin went to put some laundry in the dryer, to do this he has to leave the apartment for a minute. He gets to the door to come back in and it is locked. He knocks on the door and Andrew lifts the curtain. Justin asks him to open the door. Andrew tries and can't, gives Justin the "I don't know Daddy" look. Justin tells him to unlock the door and let him in. Andrew says "No" and then pushes the curtain against the door so that Justin can't see him. Justin had to take the air conditioner out of the window on the front porch and climb in that way. Good thing we bought an air conditioner. Monday night, Andrew doesn't fall asleep until late. Apparently he doesn't realize that we can hear his counting chair when he gets out of bed and sits in it. Lots of going in and telling him to get back in bed.

Nothing much going on Tuesday. Tuesday night is the same as Monday. Lots of telling him to get back into bed, lots of him trying to stall. Good times.

He is such a little character. His vocabulary is growing so fast. But last night, I seriously considered that he might really be part monkey (and not just because of the fur on his back) and I might have to tie him to his bed.

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