Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!

My Pantene coupons came today. Now comes the crazy part. I have to try to find enough Pantene in the old style bottles to use them all. That is 60 bottles folks. Wish me luck, for I will be visiting a lot of WalMarts. (shudder) I will update as I get through the WalMarts.

DeKalb - They only had 1 bottle. Coupon is for $5 off 3, one bottle does not help me.

Elmhurst - 27 bottles. The motherlode!!!

Glen Ellyn - 2 bottles, again, this does not help.

St. Charles - 6 bottles, not bad, not bad.

Batavia - 12 bottles. Good haul.

So far, so good. Only 5 coupons out of the 20 left. I can live with having to eat those if necessary.


Kat said...

They do have some left at DeKalb. I got my 18 bottles today! :)

Coupon Chris said...

Where did you find them? They must have found some more in the back. Is there any left or did you buy them all?

Kat said...

There were still some left over by the electronics across from the toys. They are next to the Loreal Vive and Garnier Fructis marked $2.00. Are you working at Kuiper's this year?? I just got my packet today...looks like some changes going on, which could be a good thing! They need more organization!

Coupon Chris said...

Thanks, I picked up 9 bottles last night. I got my packet from Kuipers. What would October be like if I didn't work everyday of the month. I am planning on working there again. I actually like working there in the cafe. (Although some days it just leaves me so tired)

Kat said...

YAY! I do not think I could do it without you! :)