Saturday, May 12, 2007

Comedy Gold, I tell ya.

I am checking out at Walgreens at 6am this morning and we (the asst. mgr. and I) hear a car horn blowing and think someone's alarm is going off. This woman comes up to the counter carrying a coffeemaker. She asks if it is her horn blowing, we tell her probably. She informs us that her dogs are in the car. We laugh and I leave.

I get into my car and look over at the dogs in question. They are 2 cute labs, big dogs. I watch them for a minute. 1 of them is sitting in the drivers seat, staring at the door to Walgreens. I then see the dog put it's paw on the horn and lean on it for like 5 seconds. Then it moves to the passenger seat and waits, staring at the door to Walgreen's the whole time. I sat there and laughed. I had assumed that the dog had accidentally hit the horn, but no the dog was using the horn to hurry it's owner along. Like "Hey, just get the stupid coffeemaker and let's go. C'mon. Silly humans!"


Reduce-Reuse-Repsycho said...

Bah! That's awesome. I have this picture of Bella when she was about 5 months old. We went to the airport to pick Tim up. We stopped somewhere to pick up dinner, and when we came out, Bella was in the front seat like she was ready to drive away. I think it's on my old laptop, I wish I could find it because it fits this post so well!

Damn crazy Labs. They are insane!

samantha said...

Too funny---they know more than we give them credit for!