Thursday, May 03, 2007

So excited!1!

There are reports that people are starting to receive their Oprah totes! I was one of the first 5000 and got an email saying I would be getting one. It is a tote bag full of freebies and samples and stuff. Everyone who has gotten one in the past says they rock. I can't wait for Justin to be home from school so I can call and see if my tote has arrived. This totally makes up for the CVS tote being out of stock everywhere.


The Mama said...

You are getting an oprah bag?? That is just so stinking awesome!! I can't wait to hear what is in it!

Lisa said...

Hopefully the bag will arrive soon. Can't wait to hear what is in it.

Thanks for my box, I loved it.

samantha said...

Yes, please let us all know what's in it!!! You are just little miss lucky aren't you?(:

Coupon Chris said...

It helps to belong to an online community devoted to couponing and freebies.

Some people have posted what is in the bag, but I will wait until I get mine to post. I will post pictures too.