Thursday, May 17, 2007


Tonight the husband and I are going to a show. We are going to see Keane. I LOVE this band. I discovered them on Virgin Radio in March of 2004. I have been a massive fan since then, but haven't gotten out to see them. They came through in 2004 but I was 8 mos pregnant and standing around at a show was not gonna happen. Then we had an infant and were too sleep deprived to care. So this year, we are going to see them.

Things I love about Keane:
Piano driven pop
Gorgeous melodies
Tom's vocals
Word usage - Anyone who can use "dithering" in a song rocks, it's so very English

They are the perfect marriage for someone who is both an anglophile and audiophile. That is probably why I heart them so much.


Lisa said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!!!! You deserve it.

The Mama said...

I'm jelous, I can't wait to go to a show with James!!!