Thursday, November 02, 2006

It not the news we wanted.

Well friends, the ultrasound revealed that Andrew's testes are still in the canal. There is no amount of running that will make them drop. He could run to China and they would still be in the canal. So we will be seeing a urologist in 2 weeks for evaluation and determine what we will be doing. It is mainly a chance for the urologist to confirm and see Andrew before we schedule him for surgery.

It is a very simple procedure and doesn't involve any major organs. The worst thing is that they are going to have to knock him out. If he were an adult, they could do this with local anesthesia. But there is no way a local will work with a toddler. I am sure that everything is going to be fine. It is not the news I wanted, but it could be much worse. Everything other than the fact that they are up in the canal is fine, good blood flow, everything is healthy.

So it will be a threefold for presents this year. Birthday, Christmas and the gift of Testicles.


lisajo5 said...

I am sorry it wasn't the news you wanted. Hopefully everything will go well with the surgery.

The Mama said...

Oh man, poor little guy. I'm sure he'll be just fine, but I would be nervous too. At least it's a simple fix. I've had a couple friends need to put their kids under general for procedures and it always seems to be worse for the parents than for the kids.

Are you gonna have to keep him still for a couple days afterwards? That sounds like a much bigger problem to me! I can't imagine keeping Gracie still.

Chris said...

I am not sure about keeping him still, but Dr. Wildman said he would probably be back on his feet the same day. When he feels under the weather, he hangs out in his beanbag and watches DVD's. So I figure it won't be too bad.

If I have to keep him still for a few days, then I might have to tie him down. That would be the only way it would work. ; )

Anonymous said...

You'll have to let us know when his procedure is scheduled for. We'll pop by with a giant tin of NUTS to celebrate. :)

samantha said...

Poor little guy! Hope he does alright--I'll be praying! He's so cute---at least hopefully by doing this you'll be able to get cute little grandkids one day!!!