Thursday, November 16, 2006

More of the same.

Okay, the Jewel P&G promotion ended last night. So here is the rest of the tally. Add this to the previous post and you will get the total purchased at Jewel this week.

21 Crest Whitening Expression Gel Toothpaste
10 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste
8 Cover Girl eye pencils
2 Gillette Fusion shave gel
2 Max Factor eyeshadow
2 Cover Girl nailpolish
4 Del Monte diced tomatoes
4 Del Monte corn
4 Del Monte carrots
4 Del Monte green beans
2 College Inn Beef broth
2 Black Angus Chuck Pot Roast (1.5 lb)
1 Pork Loin Roast (4 lb)
1 Red Rome Apples (1.5 lbs)
1 Family size Tyson chicken tenders
2 Jewel trash bags (10ct)
2 Oscar Mayer Bologna
1 Arm & Hammer cat litter box deodorizer
1 Jewel ketchup (46oz)
1 Jewel apple juice (64 oz)
1 Scott toilet paper (6 pk)
1 can tomato soup
1 Appliance light bulb
1 Memorex DVD-R (5 pk)
6 Kelloggs limited edition cereal bowls (clearance score!!!)

Total oop: 16.96
Total savings: 156.90

Now here is where it gets fun. I went through all 18 receipts, and added up the total that actually came out of my checking account. I used a gift card to pay for some of this, so the numbers are skewed. I also used the $10 I got from one of the stores when the coupon didn't print. So add up the last post and this post as far as the amount of stuff I bought and check out my total.

Total spent from checking: 26.13

There are a couple of things to factor in. I still have a $10 coupon for my next Jewel purchase and I will be getting a $10 rebate from Del Monte. So subtract $20 from that and you will get my actual spent money.

Total actual spent is $6.13.

Think I did okay?


lisajo5 said...

You did awesome. I can't believe how much you have been saving.

I am mailing Andrew's package probably today, since I have to take Bobby to the dreaded Pizza Hut to get his free pizza.

Keep up the good savings. I only had the $3 from the pepsi in my ECB, but hey they pop was still free, can't pass that up.

Chris said...

Thanks, I think so. My mom was reading the list and was laughing hysterically. I figure, not bad for 6 bucks.

Hey, you can get a personal pizza at the Hut and still be okay.

I only got $3 too, but I had ECB's to spend. There will be some deals in the next few weeks, so you can earn a few back.

The Mama said...

Yeah, $6 for all that stuff is pretty darn good!!

Thanks again for the coupons you sent me too. Not that I even come anywhere near your ability to play the game, but I did save nearly $13 on our grocery bill with coupons alone, between the ones you sent and others I found. Baby steps!!

Chris said...

I started out saving a little and then I got really serious. I've got some more coupons to send. I will sit down over Thanksgiving and clip everything.

Like Gene Simmons from KISS says, nickels and pennies. If you save $13 a month, that is $156 a year. Small amounts add up in a big way. The biggest way to save is to wait for a sale, use your coupons and stock up. It can make a real difference.

Kat said...

Yea Chris...way better than me. I wa an idiot and forgot my 10 off coupon the second time I went so I had to spend more oop, but now I have 2 10 off I have to spend. I don't think I will ever catch on to the whole coupon thing. Oh well.

Chris said...

It will get easier as you do it more. It takes time to learn how to spot it and to find the right organizing techniques that work for you.

I took to keeping all of the coupons I could use at Jewel, my receipts, the printed coupons and even the Jewel gift card I had in an envelope. That way, I could just take that envelope with me and I would be set. I would also make a list of what I was gonna buy on a post-it and stick it on the envelope.

Having 2 of those coupons might not be a bad thing. If you get a cashier that will let you do it, you could use those this week and score your Thanksgiving stuff for almost free. There is a coupon in the Jewel ad for $10 off a 16-24 pound turkey with a $20 separate purchase. If they let you, you could get a 16# turkey and $20 worth of stuff for like $2. Or close to it.

Even if they won't let you use both, I think we can work this to your favor. I am serious when I say stop by anytime. I will help you form a plan. Hang in there, you will get the hang of it. I still screw things up all the time, so don't get discourgaged.