Monday, November 27, 2006


Well friends, I am pooped. I think that the hectic schedule of the last few months has finally caught up with me. After shopping on Friday, I just kinda felt tired. I know that some of you are not surprised and neither am I. It has been a crazy couple of months.

So for the recap, Thanksgiving was at my in-laws. It was a fun time, but it usually is. I spent most of my time going through the ads. Andrew was a good eater and especially enjoyed the sweet potatos. We went home and my mom came over to spend the night so we can get up early and do our shopping.

Black Friday. Wow, you would think that they were giving stuff away with the lines of people. Walmart was a circus. I only needed a few things there, so my mom waited with the cart and I waded in and got the stuff I wanted. We headed to the grocery side for a cinnamon roll, got those and headed for the checkout. We didn't have to wait more than a couple minutes in line. That side of the store was dead. The lines at the registers down at the other end were huge, but the grocery side was empty. Sometimes I really wonder about people.

At Walmart, I realized that my debit card was in my other pants, so after we left Walmart, we stopped at my place to get it, then off to Target. The line there was insane. I mean, down the building and around the corner. We waited in the car and at 6 am, just walked in without waiting. Got what we wanted and were off. This was the way the day worked out. No real waiting in line.

We went to Elder Beerman (think JC Penny), Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, and Kohls. It was fun, I spent like $250 and got a lot accomplished. I got a ton of stuff, but still am not finished. I would list everything, but some family members read this and I don't want to give anything away. The best thing was I made my Mom a believer in my crazy CVS stuff. She bought a bunch of stuff and only paid $12. I use her card to get stuff and let her spend the ECBs. She was amazed. I got $177 worth of stuff at CVS for $6 after ECBs and coupons ($97 in ECBs spent) I also got $16 back in ECBs from stuff bought that day. So, I think that was a good trip. It was mostly toys.

The lady at Walgreens messed up one of my coupons so I had to ask for it back. It was for a free box of Tampax. I have 8 of them and need to use the ones that expire in Dec., so I thought I would use one while I was there. She scanned the coupon, but never entered the amount, so it didn't credit me the 4.29. So, I asked for the coupon back. She looked at me like I had 2 heads, but after explaining it twice she did give it back. So, I paid 4.29 for a box of Tampons I really don't need. I will be keeping them, since I have 2 rebate items on that receipt and have to send it in. I chalk it up to the cost of the game. Not that I am happy about it. I might still return them, I just don't want to screw up the $15 in rebates. (Sometimes Walgreens will reject a receipt if there is a return attached to it.)

I did get Andrew a Christmas romper that says HO HO HO on it and his holiday outfit. It is a cute red sweater vest with a moose on it, with a plaid shirt and brown cords. Trust me, it is so cute. I bought a couple of bras for myself. They were on sale for 13.97 and had a buy 2, get one free coupon. So 3 Vanity Fair bras for $28.

Saturday, I mainly sat around and read a book. I just really needed to unwind. Sunday, we went to my in-laws to see some relatives that were in town. Had a good time. When we left Andrew said goodbye to everyone including the pizza. Bye, Bye Peepa.


Kat said...

Sounds like you had a fun wonder you are tired! I got one of my October Walgreens rebates today and under the softsoap one it said incorrect quantity purchased....I don't know what we did wrong! Did yours say the same thing...

Chris said...

Mine said the same, plus I didn't get the Mylanta. I need to call about that. Someone on the boards suggested that we call them and ask for the softsoap one. We are only $0.08 short, so they might give it to us. Call and see if they will do it. Just tell them that you goofed up and added wrong. Someone said they asked when they were like $0.22 off and they gave it to them.

Anonymous said...

Great, now I am craving peepa.

Chris said...

Who doesn't love peepa?

We had it on Friday when we got home from shopping. As soon as we mentioned it, Andrew went over and started to try to drag his high chair out. Yelling Peepa, Peepa! Kid is really into pizza.