Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Picture pages

As I sit here bored at work, I figure hey why not post some pictures. So here are some shots of the boy from over the weekend.

Mommy's little rocker!

This is what happens when you realize your son is in his room being very quiet. Too quiet.

Wipe fight!
We had fun throwing the wipes at each other.

Mmmmmm. Brownies.

Worn out after all the fun. (That is my jacket he is laying on. He has taken to carying it around with him)


Kat said...

So cute! But you already knew that I love your son! :) I was thinking of getting him a Doodle Monster for his birthday...what do you think? Even if he doesn't get the coloring on it thing...or you just don't want to deal with it :) it could just be a cute toy. :D

We'll be in town for Black Friday if you want to shop together or go out for lunch or something. LEt me know your plans.

The Mama said...

Chris, he is really really cute!!

Chris said...

Thanks. We think so too. It is fun when they become little people with their own personalities.

samantha said...

So, So Cute!!!