Friday, October 06, 2006

The All-Star Hot Dad Band

Listening to XM today and The Police are on. Hearing the Police always reminds me of the band I want to put together. As the title states, it's the All-Star Hot Dad Band. The older I get, the older the crushes and loves of my youth get. Some hold up, like Johnny Depp. Some do not, I am looking at you Corey Haim, yes you. Everyone gets older and some musicans fall apart, *ahem* Jani Lane. Some however acheive what I call "Hot Dad" status. He is in his mid-forties on up , but he still looks really good. Even better if they are weathering a little gray or glasses with style. The line-up is always in flux and we are always taking suggestions, but for now here is where we stand:

Drums - Stewart Copeland (this is why the Police triggers this train of thought)
Bass - Kip Winger (Seriously, he is the total package. looks, brains, sense of humor,talent)
Guitar - ???? I am still auditioning for this position. Warren DeMartini and Ty Tabor are in very serious contention, but I have not seen Warren on TV yet to make a determination.
Vocals/Guitar - Rick Springfield. (First record I ever bought, still have it. Working Class Dog on vinyl) under consideration: Paul Rodgers

I know you are all thinking, but Chris, how could you leave out your number one? The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar. While I love Sammy and he is the same age as my dad (eh?), I do realize that it might be a personal taste issue and a lot of people might not agree with me. Plus he does not have the "hot dad" glasses that I love.

Your mileage may vary, you might think I am crazy, but that's my list. Ideas are always excepted and encouraged. I am also trying to work out the All Short Guys Band, with Ronnie Dio as front man, and the All Hot Redhead Guys band, because I have a thing for redheads.

So there you have it, the All-Star Hot Dad Band. They could have a standing engagement at my house anytime they want.


lisajo5 said...

Okay, you have put way too much thought into this. I do like the band you have put together so far.

Chris said...

I have been putting this together over the course of the last few years. I put a lot of thought into who gets hot dad status.