Thursday, October 05, 2006

Counts and things

So the current toothpaste count is 38.

I know, it's a little nuts. I gave away 3 tubes at work the other day, otherwise it would have been 41. I have almost exhausted the clearance at many CVS stores. 1 or 2 more stops and I may be done with toothpaste for a while. We will see. I have other things to purchase this week, so it may be nice to be done with toothpaste.

My bathroom cabinet is being overrun and I need a new place for a stockpile. I may start using the top shelf of our big bathroom closet, but I have the feeling that I will run out of space soon. I am rolling though and most of this costs me little, if anything out of pocket (oop). You will see this term, so remember it.

Pay day at the pumpkin farm is Friday. So big hooray for that. I got paid for my hair care study on Tuesday. Although that means I won't be driving by the nice new CVS on Golf. Like I don't have enough of them to go to, but the people were nice. This means a lot when you spend 1.94 oop on 4 bottles of Pantene and 3 packs of Kotex. Sometimes, the cashiers act like you are stealing from them just for using coupons. I do love CVS, even the bad ones. I really wish they would build one in DeKalb.

It is nice to see the Christmas fund growing. $80 for the haircare study, 33 from the last pumpkin farm check, 15 from surveys, 20 from Pepsi for rebates, and 3 from Rayovac - rebate.

My Walgreens rebate for September is mailed in and I should receive $47 back from that. I may or may not use that and my stash of gift cards for Christmas.

Update: I stopped on the way home and picked up 4 more full size tubes of toothpaste, plus 4-3pks of trial size toothpaste. So, I guess that ups the previous count. ; )
I also got Andrew a really cute puzzle table for Christmas at Target on clearance for 8 dollars.


lisajo5 said...

Why can't we live closer? We could be finding the good deals together. Andrew is going to love that table. Christmas this year is going to be so great now that Andrew is older. You had to mention Christmas, I haven't even thought about what we are doing for gifts. Is Justin willing to get together when he is down here? I want to see Andrew, but I would really like to see you. One of us is going to have to schedule a trip soon, that way we can compare our stash ;-)

Chris said...

Now that you are closer to Daytona, getting together will be no problem. I am sure that Justin would love to get together. Don't worry, we have to go to Daytona for a week every year. Next year we are scheduling it around one of the Star Wars weekends at Disney. We have no choice, Nana compels us. I think my stash might collapse under it's own weight soon, and I still have more shopping to do. ;)