Friday, October 13, 2006

It's a sickness, I tell ya.

With this blog being about bargains, I should post about my stockpile. I started my stockpile just a month ago, when I got truly serious about couponing. That is about the time I discovered CVS. Anyone who wants to learn about how this all works can email me. Lisa can attest that it is awesome. CVS ruins you for shopping at other stores. It is easy to develop a CVS addiction. I was going to post a picture of the toothpaste, but Justin is in Florida and has the camera. So, I will have to post pictures later. For now, I will just give you a tally for this week, although the coupons I ordered arrived today, so I may have to stop tomorrow for a few more things.

This week at CVS:

6 boxes of Gas-X (10 ct)
1 Scott Toilet Paper (12 pk)
1 Bic Comfort 3 Advance razors (4ct)
1 Bic Comfort 3 Womens razors (4ct)
3 bottles ACT restore Mouthwash
2 bottles Benefiber chewables (36 ct)
8 Samy haircare products (3 shampoos, 3 conditioners, 1 mousse, 1 curl spray)
18 Garnier Fructis styling products (gels, mousses and creams)
4 bottles Pantene Ice Shine (2 shampoo, 2 conditioner)
4 tubes Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste (6 oz)
4 boxes Playtex Sport tampons
2 tubes Johnson & Johnson soothing vapor cream
1 bottle Johnson & Johnson Calming softwash
2 pks Huggies Pull-Ups
1 Heath bar

Total oop : $22.88 (yes, that is all I spent of my real money)
Total coupons : $72.75
Total ECB spent: $109.28
Total ECB earned: $ 210.85

Now that is what I call shopping. This month the deals are amazing. If you pay attention and use your coupons, you can really save yourself a lot of money. Even make some while you are at it. For those of you who do not know, ECBs are ExtraCareBucks. They are part of the CVS customer loyalty plan and spend like cash at CVS. The program is funded by manufacturers to get people to use their products. Also, for people who don't know this, manufacturer's coupons are reimbursed by the company for the amount plus 0.08 cents. Stores do not lose money on them.


lisajo5 said...

Congrats on such a great job. Now, where are you stockpiling all this stuff?

Chris said...

Bathroom closet. It may collapse under the weight, though.

The Mama said...

OK, now if they only had deals like this at natural food stores. I would so be thrilled! Unfortunately I don't do much shopping at conventional stores and we don't have CVS around here anyway!

Anonymous said...

Please plan on spending time on Tuesday discussing how you play CVS like a fiddle every week. I never got into it that deep.

Oh, and WTH are "sport" tampons?

Chris said...

I have no idea. The applicator is lime green, maybe they are like Extreme Sport tampons. I don't get it either, but I know they are free.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "Extreme" Sport Tampons. That reminded me of the skateboarding punks ("Thank you, come again!") in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. They had to make everything "extreme" including kayaking through a convenience store!

Chris said...

LOL. You totally kill me. I can just see the tampon ad now.

I will totally teach you the ways of CVS. Also, for Alice, do you shop at Wild Oats or Whole Foods? There are message boards for those stores and for finding organic coupons. Might help you save a few dollars. I hang out at

The Mama said...

I would shop at whole foods for everything if it wasn't so darn expensive! I go there for some things, I also go to a little local place, I have our veggies delivered, and I go to the local grocery store which is getting a better variety of organic stuff almost weekly! I mostly just need to save on food. I use vinegar for almost all my cleaning, and cloth diapers for Ian and cloth pads for myself. We use homeopathics for illness and natural body products. We do primarily buy and eat organic which is fairly expensive, but I figure it's an investment in our health, right? I would love to know the names of those message boards. Awhile ago I got motivated and wrote a bunch of companies asking for coupons but I didn't have much luck. I didn't find any organic coupons online, but I think it's getting more and more common to go organic so the coupons are becoming more available.