Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last week's CVS tally

Since I have been under the weather lately, I did not post last week's totals from CVS. This month is a unique month with all the monthly and weekly deals being so great. Just wait until I post the monthly totals, that is going to be out of hand.

So here it is:

34 Pantene Ice Shine - 16 shampoo, 18 conditioner
10 Aleve (20 ct)
5 Bayer Low Dose Asprin (20ct)
4 Grape Nuts Trail Mix cereal
3 Kotex UltraCompact pads
3 12 pks of Diet Pepsi
2 One A Day All Day Energy
2 One A Day Weightsmart
2 CVS Babywipes (160 ct)
2 Small storage baskets
1 Sunday Tribune
1 Pocket pack of tissues
1 Crest Pro Health Rinse (trial size)

Total oop - $19.47
Total coupons used - $102.97
Total ECB used - $102.28
Total ECB earned - $206.89

I am beginning to LOVE October so much more. Even with the crazy schedule. Next month the deals go back to being normal, with a few moneymakers. But October deals have afforded me the opportunity to purchase something for pennies that I would never spend "real" money on. I am purchasing this for Andrew:

It is a Thomas & friends humidifier. Andrew has been into Thomas since we took him to see Thomas at the train museum this summer. This is an item that I would never have bought without the CVS deals. It retails around $50 and even my mom thought that was too much. But with ECBs, I am okay with buying it. I have to spend them before they expire. So, this will be the image that I keep when I am crushed to death by the weight of the Pantene when my bathroom cabinet collapses.

Toot, toot!


The Mama said...

I am honestly in awe of your ability to bargin hunt!

And that humidifier is way too cute, Gracie would love one.

samantha said...

You are hysterical---I would love to see your closet!!!

Wes is so into Thomas too---he would love that---though we really don't use humidifiers here--just walk outside!!

Chris said...

I am putting in an extra shelf in the big closet so I can use the top one for stuff. At the end of the month, when the October deals finish and we get back to normal, I will post pictures of the stockpile. Be warned though, it is not for the faint of heart.

Kat said...

Hey Chris! It's Kat...anyways you are so good at this stuff!! You have to teach me more. I did the Walgreens deals this week and am going to come out on top so that's a plus. I still have questions though so Sat. after work we need to go to CVS and you can help me again...I may even have coupons this time. :) You rock my world!

Kat said...

Hey...THIS FINALLY WORKED!!! LOL Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight! I know you want to be at Kuiper's a whole hour early and all, but honestly....

Tonight was fun. We have to do it again soon!