Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This could be bad for morale.

I know that most of the people who read this won't get this post. But it's my blog and one of my fav soccer teams is in a crisis. I am a huge fan of Chelsea FC (football club), they are the current defending English Premier League Champions. They are my English club, I also support the Chicago Fire and the US Men's National Team. I was addicted to World Cup this summer, I love this sport and can only hope that it takes hold in America.

This past weekend, Chelsea played Reading and in the first 20 seconds our keeper was knocked unconscious from a challenge. He was hit hard and taken off the field unconscious. So, when I get home from the pumpkin farm on Sat and check in for the scores and match report, I see a picture of Petr Cech lying unconscious on the touchline. He is only one of the best, if not THE best, goalkeeper in the world and he will be out for at least 6 months, if not a year. This is not good. He had surgery on his skull, and appears to be doing better. He has regain consciousness. I am glad that he is doing better, but this is a big blow.

To make matters worse, the back up keeper, Carlo Cudicini was knocked unconscious at the very end of the game and while it was not nearly as bad as Petr's injury, he may not be available for the upcoming Champions League match against Barcelona. The most amazing John Terry had to finish the game in goal.

This season is going to be a tough one.
If we can't win this season, please don't let it be ManU.

**Update** - To make matters worse there are reports that Petr was conscious and the referee underestimated his injuries and ordered him to crawl to the sidelines to receive treatment. He barely reached the sideline, before he lost conciousness. If this truly is the case, it is reprehensible. It makes me angry.

Anyone who continues to call soccer players wimps, needs a kick in the head.


lisajo5 said...

You already know, I don't get this, but I do feel bad for you since I know it is one of the things that you really enjoy. Hopefully they don't do too bad.

Chris said...

I know, most people don't get it. You are not alone.

I pray there is no lasting damage for Petr. Apparently he was unconscious for a while and his skull is fractured. He is one of my favs, I even had him in my World Cup fantasy team. Yes, I had a fantasy team and a huge wallchart for all the games that I filled in with scores.

We will survive, but it is such a shame. We are currently tied for 1st with Manchester United who I can't stand. We did win the game against Reading that this all happened in. But losing a keeper of Petr's caliber is a big deal.

The Mama said...

Well, I don't follow soccer much, and James is actively working to create the demise of the game he refuses to acknowledge as a sport. (I know he's wrong, but it's a topic we have decided to let go for the sake of our marriage!) But....he has a couple buddies that follow soccer like it's a religion so I do hear this kind of thing from time to time!! It is their favorite pastime to give my husband crap about how our kids are going to love soccer and he will have to suck it up and learn the game for the sake of our kids. I will be signing them up when they are old enough. He will have to learn how to deal. ;)

samantha said...

Hey, we love soccer here--Chase plays and Wes will next year.

Anyway, tell Justin we live in Barrigada. Ken works at Harvest Christian Academy/Baptist Church. I don't know when he lived here but it used to be a pretty strict--SCS type place but about 7 years ago they got a new pastor and he is normal. Anyway, thanks for the info about the fondue pot---I have one but never thought about using it--in fact I think it's still in the box!

The Mama said...

Haha Sam, normal?? That cracks me up. You know what that means you are saying about all those people that we were influenced by then, right? Ahhhhhhh, sad but true!

samantha said...

Ha, yes Alice---I know you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! I'm sure they meant well---but come on--let's not say the Bible says things that it doesn't!

Chris said...

Just remember, wearing colored pantyhose makes you a harlot. ;)

The Mama said...

It is my own personal religious belief that pantyhose, of any type and of any color, are indeed of the devil. I haven't worn a pair but maybe twice since I graduated from college, and I don't intend to wear a pair ever again!